Saturday, September 12, 2009

Deso: Day Negative One

It's been so long since I've done a real river trip, I feel, I'm ashamed to say, a bit out of practice. I am finding myself actually having to think about what I need to bring, as opposed to having it already packed in my car from the last trip as things were the last couple years. But tomorrow we arrive at Sand Wash for 7 days in Desolation and Gray Canyons, and I'm so excited I think I just peed a little bit.

Last few months have been busy with work, and preparing to (FINALLY) move into our permanent Salt Lake residence (only 5 months after getting back) but it's looking promising - the finishing touches should be completed by the time we get back from this trip, and we'll be ready to move in. Ky and I still haven't even unpacked from North Carolina, so the move should be relatively painless.

I have been trying to find the time and money to put the Plascore shoe on the dory, but haven't yet managed to, so that is still a work in progress. She won't be coming on this trip, 2400 cfs is a bit below my threshold for the wood boat on Deso, so Grey Boy, my 16' Achilles bucket gets the nod this time, fresh off a trip down the Middle Fork Salmon with Rupert "Ray Ray" James III. Hoping 7 days on the water will give me the time to find and fix the slow leak in the starboard chamber.

We were also planning to bring Everett (furry buddy) but he somehow got injured in the last couple weeks and has been slow to recover. Had us scared for a couple days, obviously in pain but not emanating from any discernable location on his body. Thankfully I can report he is on his way to a full recovery, but unfortunately for all involved he will have to sit this one out as well.

Pics and trip report to follow.....happy trails.