Friday, May 20, 2011


I sold the Desolation to pay the gas bill a while back, so Ky and I are excited to be building a bigger, badder Briggs for the Grand Canyon in 2012 and beyond, floats below Flaming Gorge, and everything in between.

I bought patterns from famed dory builder/guide/wedding singer Andy Hutchinson in CO. The design is a pretty standard Briggs Grand Canyon Dory with transom, 16'9 centerline, 48" wide bottom, 75" beam. 1/4" Hydrotek sides w/ 9oz glass sheath, decking and bullkheads with 4oz glass, and 1" Plascore honeycomb bottom reinforced with 12oz biaxial glass inside and out, 9oz E glass, with additional 9oz biaxial kevlar outide. BOMBer.

I was terribly sad to see the old boat go, but it is in VERY good hands, and I hope it will still see a lot of service. I hope to see it out on the water, or upside down on a beach somewhere, someday.


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